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28-08-2009, 06:37 PM
We have just revamped the site: http://www.propertywomen.com.au/

(Ignore the combobox on the right for now - need to do some funky things with to choose .co.nz / com.au site depending on their geoip / country they select)

Had a lot of <= IE 7 issues with those icons for events, diamonds and directory clashing with the popout menu above it. Shits me in old IE how the z-indexes have no effect when they arent nested elements.

Overall it scrubbed up well though, and Im happy with it.

29-08-2009, 03:29 PM

I'm going to be really nitpicky here. And it doesn't really matter. But I'm a woman. With a bit of spare money.. and potentially squarely in the target market.

Now as a woman with a bit of money and an appreciation for nice things and aspirations for even nicer things, the picture of the purple handbag makes me want to vomit/run away/throw things at the computer screen. Because it is a picture of an obvious cheap and nasty copy of an Hermes handbag.

My immediate reaction is to think that the people running the site aren't successful. or aren't women. Or aren't successful women. The Hermes Kelly/Birkin is to some women a symbol of the fact you're an important career woman and you've made it. (Really made it - the bag costs in the vicinity of $15k and the waiting list is years long.)

When I was at law school, when we weren't talking about piercing the corporate veil or the minutiae of choses in action we were discussing what colour Kellys we would buy when we made silk (QC/SC).

So the fake bag looks scammy. And insulting. And makes the site look scammy. To this particular woman anyway.

Feel free to ignore. But I'd get an overall better impression of the site if the handbag pictured was a nice leather briefcase or something. :)

29-08-2009, 09:59 PM
hum...the site is nice, however, personally, I think the background is a little busy for my taste - there's a lot going on back there.

The other thing, which I'm sure you'll check with some user testing is the eye track of the visitor. I get distracted by that ad above the logo then I head down the right so I miss that logo all together, hence I don't identify who the site belongs to.

Just my 2 cents.

31-08-2009, 03:07 PM
Rachel, that is an odd, but interesting perspective on the handbag... Haha to me, it was just a handbag. I spoke to a few girls about this, and they didnt know about hermes kelly / birkin.... What if I told you it was a genuine one? ;)

With the background, the main reason is that they have just released a new book. http://www.lawbooks.com.au/book/property-is-a-girls-best-friend.do The background was integrated to fit the style of the book.. it isnt too busy on smaller screens, but larger ones agreed, it is distracting.

31-08-2009, 07:23 PM
You could tell me that, but you'd be lying :P The buckle on the bag is the wrong way for a start ;)

There are threads on the Australian vogue forums and ebay forums and others for millions of pages about the subtleties of these handbags. But many (most?) women probably have never heard of them.

I think there are a sub-group of women who can identify a Birkin at 100 paces. It is probably a small sub-group so you can probably safely ignore it. Just thought I'd mention it though.

01-09-2009, 01:15 PM
Hi Scott

Agree with mattman about the background. The home page looks good except for the background (viewing on a small screen laptop and it's very distracting). Plain black would be better.

The pink's a bit cliche, but I can live with it after exploring the site a little.

I've got no idea what type of handbag that is. I'm not into labels (prefer to spend my money on real estate - ha ha!!)

The site needs a good proof read as far as paragraph spacing goes, ie. about us needs a couple more spaces between some of the paragraphs. I tend to proof read first for words, then again for layout. Not both at the same time, where you would miss one or the other.

Just wondering who wrote the copy for "Home Study". Sounds a bit cheesy, ala Ebay. "while stocks last", "for a limited time only". Do people really believe that anymore (please correct me if I'm wong)?

I suggest the links at the top of the home page open in a new browser window, given they are different sites.

Love the fact that the site is full of info on first launch, lots of white space and plenty to read through (not that I read it all though).

Just my 1,000 Rp worth (am in sunny Bali right now :)

PS. Scott did you see my PM?